About Us

At Chuckles On Threads, we aim to bring laughter and joy into your everyday life through our collection of funny custom-printed tees , mugs & more. We believe that humor has the power to brighten even the dullest of days and that a good laugh can bring people together like nothing else.


Our Story:

Chuckles On Threads started with a simple idea: to spread laughter and make people smile. We understand the importance of finding joy in the little things, now more than ever,  and we wanted to create a platform where you could express your sense of humor through fun and quirky designs. 

Our journey began in the middle of the worldwide pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. The fear and anxiety that came with it was nothing to laugh about & it was challenging to feel joy regularly. Another downside of the pandemic is that it made a lot of us into introverts with no desire to say or express more than we have to. 

However, since T-shirts became part of our daily uniform & we would select a different mug for our coffee, tea or hot chocolate when hopping onto Zoom for school, work or to socialize, we realized how fun it is to be able to express ourselves with our tees, mugs (and other items we use daily) without having to say a word out loud.  And thus, Chuckles On Threads was born. Over time, as a small print on demand business, and thanks to the support of our amazing customers, we've grown into a hub of laughter and creativity.


Boundless Creativity:

We are always on the lookout for the next hilarious idea. We love brainstorming funny and clever designs that will make you snort with laughter or break into a wide grin. Our collection spans a wide range of themes, from witty wordplay to pop culture references, ensuring that there's something to tickle everyone's funny bone. .


Join the Funny Side:

We invite you to join us on the funny side of life. Whether you're looking to brighten your own day, surprise a friend with a hilarious gift, or create a memorable moment at a special event, our funny t-shirts, mugs, and stickers are here to deliver the laughs. We believe that humor is contagious and has the power to create connections and spread positivity. So, grab a cup of coffee in a funny mug, slap a witty sticker on your laptop, or don a hilarious t-shirt and let the laughter begin!


Thank You:

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for choosing Chuckles On Threads as your source of humor and joy. We genuinely appreciate your support and the opportunity to bring a smile to your face. Your laughter fuels our creativity and inspires us to keep delivering the funniest products possible.


Get ready to chuckle, create unforgettable memories, and join us on this humorous adventure!