Funny Shirt Designs and Mugs: Our Fun Spanish and English Designs


Conchas Shirt

Over 40% of people feel compelled to give gifts during the holiday season, even if they don't celebrate it themselves. While most people strive to give heartfelt and sentimental gifts, sometimes all you need is a bit of laughter in your life. That's where funny t-shirts come into play.

You can give someone a variety of humorous tees to ensure they leave with a smile on their face. Life's too short to be serious all the time, so consider giving the gift of laughter!

Keep reading to find out about some funny shirt designs and English mugs you can buy as gifts.

Conchas Are Life

If you've ever had the opportunity to taste conchas, you'll know that conchas are life. This sweet bread with a shell pattern is the perfect snack but also makes for the perfect breakfast treat.

Conchas are ubiquitous in Mexican culture. You can find them in any Mexican bakery and can be consumed at any time of day. If you've never had this traditional sweet bread, you're definitely missing out.

But if you've experienced the joy that is pan dulce, then these conchas humor tees are the perfect way to show everyone how much you love conchas. While some people might prefer wearing more sarcastic shirts, when it comes to conchas, you don't mess around.

Pedro Fans

If you're a fan of The Mandalorian or The Last of Us and think Pedro is prime Zaddy material, these funny shirt designs are for you! These shirts are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can pick one that matches your aesthetic. The graphic art also makes this shirt the perfect meme-able moment.

Show your love for our favorite Zaddy by repping these unisex t-shirts. Your friends will be begging you to find out where you bought this humorous merchandise.

The Introvert

Giving gifts to the introvert in your life can be challenging. Well, one thing most introverts have in common is they try to avoid socializing if possible! So why not gift them this humorous mug with a life hack for them? 

Your friend will be able to stock up on some caffeine for any inevitable socialization but also use the mug as a conversation piece for some easy small talk. Your friend will thank you for not only giving them a useful item but also something to get the conversation flowing.

Funny Shirt Designs to Amuse Your Friends

When it comes to funny mug designs and sarcastic shirts, you need to know your audience. What someone might see as funny shirt designs, others might find offensive, so make sure you're getting humorous merchandise that matches everyone's personalities.

If you're looking for funny t-shirts or great humorous Spanish mugs, look no further than Chuckles on Threads. We have a wide variety of humor tees to choose from and even have a few sarcastic shirt designs.